Sunday, November 15, 2009


The third man to radically change my life was Ray Adler who was the Director of Photography at The Dallas Times Herald and the man who hired me to shoot and learn among the best gathering of photographers ever, second only to the National Geographic staff of the late 70’s and early eighties. I had to impress my boss by out shooting three Pulitzer Prize winners on staff and a couple of National Photographers of the Year. I soon found the need to be free of tyrannical bosses, (not Ray) so in 1985 I left the newspaper and started a wonderful career as a freelance photographer. Man, that was the best career decision I ever made.

Over time I’ve shot for just about all the top magazines and many ad agencies and corporations. I even got to work as a photography editor for one of the best photography magazines ever to be published, Texas Highways Magazine. Two things pulled me away from that job…I just have to be the boss thing and my love for the free world of freelance photography! I even managed to win a handful of national awards over the years for both my photography and photo editing.

My best friend now is Jesus Christ, the ultimate man that radically changed my life, but photography is still one of my best friends and over the years has taken me around the world to photograph the kings of nations & the poorest of the poor, to the center of the largest hurricane on record & the edge of a volcano producing the longest eruption in history, to war in Lebanon and Israel & Love in Hawaii. Best of all though was that one assignment flying off the deck of an aircraft carrier shooting a story on fighter pilots…WOW! The three of us, Jesus, myself and this Nikon Camera, have had a lot fun together and they helped me through some tough times. The worst of which was the tragic loss of my young son Ryan to an accidental drowning. I was pulled out of many a dark day by getting lost in the process of shooting a timely photo assignment.

Coming soon...THESE DAYS


  1. Wow... a successful photographer, a Jesus Christ follower AND a Nikon user... it doesn't get any better than that! I am two out of three (got a long way to go before I become what I would call a successful photographer). :)

  2. Kevin,
    thanks for sharing this encouraging post.
    The day I met you I had the feeling that you and Jesus were friends.

  3. Ray Adler was my great-uncle who was like a father to my mom, its great to know how loved he is.