Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Photog Story


When I was an aimless teen in the early seventies elated that the draft lottery was cancelled and the draft was ending, for the first time I allowed myself to plan for the future instead of worrying about dying in the Vietnam War. My dad wisely suggested photography as a career and my eyes must have said I loved the idea Though we lived in the low middle class range he went out the next day and invested in a full Nikon setup, 20 rolls of Kodachrome 25 and some lessons with one of the top pros in Houston, Texas. My dads sacrificial gift radically changed the course of my life. 

The Camera helped me navigate the serious bumps of teen life and horrible tragedies I would later have to endure. Shooting photos taught me ways to see life most others are oblivious to. It’s a language that allows me to speak from my heart in a way that words can never do.  Photography became my best friend!

THE COLLEGE YEARS...coming soon

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